• November 2020

Marketing in the moment: Tips for communicating in a crisis.


Where does a business turn when the world is turned upside down? What steps should you take to keep your business moving forward? These and many more questions have become an everyday challenge for business people due to the global pandemic we're all enduring.

Insight Marketing Design saw the potential effect the pandemic would likely have on businesses and organizations and understood that many clients might soon be facing unprecedented challenges. In response, Insight developed a weekly e-newsletter that focuses on practical tips businesses and other organizations could utilize to help them survive and perhaps even thrive during these unusual times.

The first 20 "micro insights" have been collected into an eBook called Marketing in the Moment: Sh*t Now What? The eBook is free to download for anyone interested in effective approaches to marketing during a crisis. Here are a few abridged micro insights that you'll find in the eBook.

Review What You're Not Doing

This is undoubtedly not "normal times" and much of your target market has most likely changed their typical behavior patterns.

This may be the time to review how you're reaching customers. With more people at home with time on their hands, they may be more inclined to read the newspaper or magazines, spend more time looking at direct mail messages or even listening to radio or Pandora stations that wouldn't normally be thought of as delivering workday appropriate programming.

Naturally internet and social media usage has risen, but there still might be much to gain in exploring media outreach tactics that provide less noise to drown out your message.

Listen Carefully

With all the challenges in the world today, people are searching for answers and solutions in every aspect of their lives. This means even small problem resolutions make a much bigger positive impact on individuals.

Fortunately, there are more ways than ever before to hear what consumers want, need or are thinking about. From social media and website contact forms to phone calls, emails and in-person conversations, the two-way communication lines are always buzzing. But you need to be "listening" to all communication sources to identify trends and opportunities.

It's a good idea to capture incoming customer communications and organize them based on subject matter. For example, if you have a large number of emails asking if you're open, then you'll know whatever efforts you have previously been doing to keep people informed about your business's operational status are not reaching the right people at the right time.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring for businesses, but we do know who will tell us. Our customers.

Plan for This and That

Even with states relaxing their pandemic guidelines, it's smart to not count on a quick and complete return to normal. This means keeping your marketing plans flexible to adapt to the "one step forward, two steps back" reality we'll all be dealing with for a while.

Preparing marketing strategies for a variety of scenarios – return to normal, return to some degree of normal or back to lockdown will put you ahead of the game, regardless of what the rest of this crazy year gives us.

The one advantage we all now have is that we've seen what a pandemic can do to our economy and, by necessity, learned what steps can work to minimize the damage to our company's brand and bottom line.

The old saying seems most appropriate for today's chaotic markets: "Plan for the best and prepare for the worst."

It's about proactive flexibility

As you can see, many of the micro insights in the Marketing in the Moment eBook encourages looking at marketing challenges in a new way. Which makes sense, considering the fundamental changes the pandemic has had on so many aspects of business and life.

Roger Nolan is partner and vice president of account services at Insight Marketing Design. From defining the right incentive program to determining a target audience, Roger provides clients with detailed programs and commonsense know-how.
Insight Marketing Design will donate a dollar to Feeding South Dakota for every "Marketing in the Moment: Sh*t Now What?" free download.

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