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JUNE 4, 2018 - VOL. 54 No. 8

Chair's Column
New Members
Member Anniversaries
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Ribbon Cuttings
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February Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings

Ribbon cutting ceremonies provide new or expanding businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services. These events are organized free of charge for members and are held Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Chamber invites members of the Board of Directors, members of the Ambassador and Diplomat committees, and local elected officials to share in the event. The Chamber member requests the date and the Chamber staff assists by organizing the agenda and providing the ribbon and scissors.

Ribbon Cutting photos are printed in each issue of Chamber News. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cuttings for members to celebrate joining the Chamber, anniversaries, grand openings, expansions or remodelings.

Ribbon cutting photos are sized in high-resolution format on the web for 90 days following their publication date in the print issue of Chamber News. Members may download photos to make their own prints of any of the images included during that time period. One photo will be included in the Ribbon Cutting archives following that 90-day period.

For more information on how to schedule a ribbon cutting, contact Amy Farr at 605.336.1620. For more information on how to schedule a groundbreaking, contact Diane Andresen at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation at 605.339.0103.

Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings from the January 12, 2016 Issue of Chamber News

4D Design + Consulting Ribbon Cutting
4D Design + Consulting is an architectural and interior design firm that specializes in the residential market. L to R: Lauren Denney, Lucas Fiegen, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Dudley Deffenbaugh (vice president), Jesse Deffenbaugh (vice president), Lynda Billars, Mike Hauck, Gita Hendricks and Eric Roberts.

Bird Dog Equity Partners Ribbon Cutting
Bird Dog Equity Partners is a Sioux Falls-based private equity company built on the foundation that people come first. L to R: Nathan Stallinga, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Lynn Steele, Paul Schock (partner), Chad Hatch (partner), Jered Schock, Steve Van Buskirk, Gail Meader, Bill Rezac and Jena Page.

The Center for Equality Ribbon Cutting
The Center for Equality is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers that advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community for support, rights, community and well-being. L to R: Lexie Frankman, Jessica Hauck, Paul Bruflat, Ashley Gaddis, Thomas Christiansen (president), Amy O’Connor Hoback, Jackie Stratman and Brienne Maner.

Co-op Natural Foods Ribbon Cutting
Co-op Natural Foods exists to provide a vibrant community with access to sustainable, healthy and fairly-traded goods and services. L to R: Joey Rotert, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Alex Halbach (board president), Dan Doyle, Lily Baltazar, Molly Langley, Randall Sanderson, Alex Ramirez and Tammy Beintema.

Home Federal Bank Ribbon Cutting
Home Federal Bank is trusted, local,and prudent bank — values they’ve embraced and brought to their business for more than 85 years. L to R: Marissa Leuthold, Brent Olthoff, Stacy Wrightsman, Nathan Stallinga, Liz Lloyd, Gary Gaspar, Kari Hybertson, Jon Gadberry, Steve Bianchi (President/CEO), Reggie Kuipers, Rick Rysavy and Nancy Miller.

Home Federal Bank Ribbon Cutting
Home Federal Bank is trusted, local,and prudent bank — values they’ve embraced and brought to their business for more than 85 years. L to R: Andrea Loewenberg, Mayor Mike Huether, David Johnson, Scott Hirsch, Rod Carlson, Steve Bianchi (President/CEO), Rick Rysavy, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Mike Hauck and Lim Bun.

I-29 Antiques & Collectibles Mall Ribbon Cutting
I-29 Antiques & Collectibles Mall offers retro, vintage, primitives, antiques and collectables for sale. L to R: Marshall Selberg, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Tim Sturdevant, Randy Maas (CEO/manager), Aubry Brewen, Tom Hackl, Janice Maas, Tosha Gray and Layla Gray and Steve Maas.

Marsden Building Maintenance Ribbon Cutting
Marsden Building Maintenance is a full-service facility provider, which includes janitorial, security, HVAC/mechanical, calibrations and special needs. L to R: Pam Schultz, Daren Anderson, Bobbi McNab, Larry Ayres, Larry Oelke (business development), Erin Schoenbeck, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Alex Ramirez and Wendy Larson.

Pappy's The Original Ribbon Cutting
Pappy's The Original serves fresh, quality food, South Dakota coffee, made from scratch smoothies and an ultimate Greek yogurt bar. L to R: Olga Pavlovska, Mayor Mike Huether, Dan Doyle, John Henkaus, Ari Pappas, Jessica Pappas (owner), Mike Hauck, Chef Shonna Haugen, Julie Nelson, Corey Weide and Kim Weber.

Professional Image Ribbon Cutting
Professional Image is a modeling school, talent agency and salon that also participates in trade shows for more than 30 years in Sioux Falls. L to R: Leah Gath, Mark Luke, Tawny Kaup (co-owner), Dean Karsky, Bobbi Jo Britt, Dee Johnson (co-owner), Tim Sturdevant, Gita Hendricks and Kristi Hay.

Rainbow Comics, Cards & Collectibles Ribbon Cutting
Rainbow Comics, Cards & Collectibles specializes in retail sales of comic books, sports cards, games, gaming materials, trading cards, supplies and collectibles. L to R: Brian Ernst, Stefanie Engebretson, Dave McElroy (co-owner), Brenna McElroy, Eric Anderson, Becky McElroy (co-owner), Mike Hauck, Amy O’Connor Hoback and John Nordstrom.

Samaritan's Feet International Ribbon Cutting
Samaritan's Feet International is a 501 (c)(3) humanitarian aid organization that provides shoes for impoverished children and adults in 300-plus U.S. cities and 75-plus countries around the world. L to R: Gita Hendricks, Stacy Wrightsman, Lexie Frankman, Denise Blomberg (regional director), Manny Ohonmne (co-founder/president/CEO), Randy Bury, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Lynda Billars and Laurie Knutson.

Shipping TapeB2B Ribbon Cutting
Shipping TapeB2B is a wholesale shipping tape dealer. L to R: Kristin Cooke, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Alex Ramirez, Daren Anderson, Ryan McCaffrey (sales manager), Aaron Clayton, Nathan Stallinga and Jessica Hauck.

South Dakota Democratic Party Ribbon Cutting
South Dakota Democratic Party includes Democrats working together, winning for South Dakota. L to R: Sam Parkinson, Tom Hackl, Suzanne Jones Pranger (executive director), Chris McEwen, David Johnson, Amy O’Connor Hoback and Alex Ramirez.

Sugar's Baked Goods and Sweet Treats Ribbon Cutting
Sugar's Baked Goods and Sweet Treats is a “gourmet” comfort treats bakery serving the Sioux Falls area. L to R: Annamarie Albers, Mike Hauck, Kari Popham (owner), Drew Popham, Mark Luke, Heather Kittelson, Christie Aberson and Angie Wahl.


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