JUNE 4, 2018 - VOL. 54 No. 8

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Arts and culture assist in economic development efforts

Across the country, competition for workers and recruiting new businesses is fierce. One area that can set a community apart is its quality of life opportunities and creative culture.

Best-selling author Richard Florida commissioned a survey asking people why they choose to live in one place over another. The Gallup organization examined their preferences in dozens of community attributes clustered into five major categories: physical and economic security, basic services, leadership, openness and aesthetics. Results showed of the 28,0000 surveyed, all five factors played major roles, but people placed their highest premium upon aesthetics, referring to physical beauty, amenities and cultural offerings.

For economic developers, this research is an important reminder about the role that aesthetics play, said Sioux Falls Development Foundation President Slater Barr.

"Sioux Falls simply must continue to make arts and culture a community priority if we are to be the community of choice for the thousands of workers we need to keep our economy growing," Barr said. . .

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Chair's Column

Paul Bruflat Thank you, investors, for carrying on the momentum

In this community I hear the phrase "a rising tide lifts all boats" a lot. To me, nothing epitomizes that more than Forward Sioux Falls. Since 1987, our joint venture with the Sioux Falls Development Foundation has had a solid track record of pursuing smart growth and development across the region – and the results have been astounding.

Early in June, we´ll make the official announcement about the success of our seventh campaign, Forward Sioux Falls 2021, which had a goal of raising $15.5 million over the next five years. There are a number of components that make up the 2021 plan, from long-term development projects like Foundation Park and the USD Discovery District, as well short-term and longer-term goals to meet immediate challenges like workforce development.

The words "thank you" can´t convey the importance of the businesses, individuals and government entities coming together to invest in our region´s future. We hear, time and time again, how special our community is because we know how to collaborate. Through Forward Sioux Falls, businesses that are competitors come together to create a multi-year plan of action to improve our community for the good of all. . .

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