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Exercise your right to vote April 12

On April 12, Sioux Falls residents will elect four new city council members from the 12 who are vying for seats within the following districts: At-Large, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest. Also on this day, citizens residing within the Sioux Falls Public School District will elect two candidates for school board from the five who are running. Candidate information can be found on this page through page 31 of Chamber News.

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates but members are encouraged to learn about the candidates they are eligible to vote for and to exercise their right to vote on April 12. This election will result in replacing half of the current city council and the possibility of 40 percent of the current school board. It is easy to imagine the significance of this election. Informed voters are the best way to ensure quality leadership for our city and school district.

Though voting centers have been used in previous elections including 2012 and 2014, for this upcoming election, residents must vote at their assigned precinct. The City of Sioux Falls website,, includes a detailed map to help locate the 57 precincts throughout the city, as well as to identify districts. Sample ballots, specific to your district, may be viewed from the South Dakota Secretary of State website:

In order to register to vote in South Dakota, you must be a U.S. citizen, be deemed a state resident, be at least 18 years old on or before election day, not be judged mentally incompetent by a court of law and not currently be serving a sentence for a felony conviction which included imprisonment, served or suspended, in an adult penitentiary system.

Registering to vote is an easy process; however, by the time of this printing, the registration deadline will have passed, as it must have been received by the county auditor 15 days before any election. To register or change your registration for a future election, simply print a voter registration form, fill it out, sign and submit to your county auditor.

There are two ways to vote absentee for this election. Voters can mail in their ballots to their county auditor or vote in-person at the Minnehaha County Administration Building (auditor´s office). Absentee voting takes place from March 28-April 11, 2016.

For more information on this upcoming election, contact the Sioux Falls City Clerk´s office at (605) 367-8080.



3220 W. Zephyr Place, #1
Occupation: Retired
Family: Wife, Barb
Education: B.A. in Business Administration
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 38

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? With six years in the military, 28 years in the telecommunication industry and eight years as a State Representative, I have gained understanding of government on the state, county and city level which has prepared me for this position. I have been blessed to live in this community and I want to serve the people of Sioux Falls.

7512 S Denton Ave.
Occupation: Realtor/Business Owner
Family: Wife, Jolene; daughters Rylee and Rachael
Education: South Dakota State University graduate
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 15

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? Our city has made great strides in recent years to create an environment of economic opportunity while maintaining a strong sense of community in a time of record growth. I look to help build on this and contribute a forward-thinking, common sense approach to city leadership and our future.


1523 S. 2nd Ave.
Occupation: Healthcare Administration (Sanford Health Executive Management- Retired)
Family: Wife, Jane; daughter Emily
Education: Longfellow Grade School, Patrick Henry Junior High, Augustana Academy, Augustana University, University of Iowa
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 55

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I love Sioux Falls and believe a positive approach to City government and working together to make good things happen is best for our community. I want to share my administrative and community leadership experience and be involved in the important decisions made by the City Council about the future of Sioux Falls.

1621 S. Van Eps Ave.
Occupation: Private piano teacher, USF voice instructor, St. Theresa choir director
Education: B.S. Music Education Northern State University, graduate studies at University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, Augustana University
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 35

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I have been a passionate citizen advocate. I led a successful petition drive to bring the snow gate service to all residential streets and have helped the City to take a more flexible approach to landscaping the boulevard areas. I want to work for open and transparent government 100 percent of the time, affordable living for all citizens and maintaining our streets and infrastructure.

Occupation: Business Owner
Family: Wife, Jennifer; daughters Maleigh and Kennedy, son Caston
Education: B.A. Education
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 11

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? Sioux Falls has been a blessing and a land of opportunity for myself and my family. I am a true believer that if you "take out" then you should "put back in" and I have the desire, will, energy and knowledge to give back!


716 S. Bahnson Ave.
Occupation: Juvenile Correctional Worker, Minnehaha County Juvenile Detention Center and Security Officer for G4S Security
Family: four dogs, sister, brother-in-law, two nephews, aunts and uncles
Education: M.S. Criminal Justice Management, B.S. Criminal Justice, Associates in Liberal Arts
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 17

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I want to improve and keep the northeast district growing. I want to keep Sioux Falls a nice, safe and fun place to live. To help improve our roads and bridges. Make sure the city´s money is spent where it´s needed and not to waste money. Be there for the people of Sioux Falls.

3901 E. 25th St.
Occupation: Consultant and researcher
Family: three children, Elizabeth (20), Michael (18), Elijah (10)
Education: Doctor of Management
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 23

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I believe that the city of Sioux Falls is on the verge of incredible economic development as well as individual growth opportunities if the proper strategic plans are implemented now. Public Safety - programs that work; Economic Growth - less governmental hindrances; Workforce – Increase in options for employer and employee; Affordable Housing

5305 Lake Placid Cir.
Occupation: Advertising and Marketing Executive
Family: Wife, Emily; son Avery (14), daughter Angela (8)
Education: B.A. in Business Administration from Mount Marty College
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 27

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? My wife and I chose Sioux Falls for the professional opportunities and because it is a great place to live and raise a family. Serving on the City Council will allow me to give back to an incredible community that has done so much for us. I have pledged to keep taxes as low as possible, City government transparent and to provide services that make Sioux Falls great.


2221 S. Cambridge Ave.
Occupation: Mattress Builder at Comfort King
Family: Wife, Jaclyn; two sons (Oscar, Alexander) and two daughters (Eden, Isabel)
Education: B.A. in Spanish Translation from BYU
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 24

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? There are many ways in which we can act as good citizens, and serving on the City Council is simply one of them. I feel that this is my opportunity to fulfill an onerous civic duty – to deal with current problems and prepare for ones that will come.

3300 N Aurora Cir.
Occupation: Student/Retail
Family: Mother, Kami Warren; Father, Erik Warren; Grandfather, Larry Kelso
Education: Roosevelt High School
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 10

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? To be a voice for the younger generation.

7409 W Harvard Dr.
Occupation: Coordinator; Minnehaha County
Family: Husband, Ryan; children Gavyn, Garrett and Skylar
Education: Bachelor´s degree in psychology and social sciences, master´s degree in criminal justice
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 30

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I decided to run because I want to serve my community. Being a City Councilor provides the opportunity to be a public servant to the people of Sioux Falls. Through policy development and the budget process our City Council can assure the empowerment of all the citizens of Sioux Falls.

PO Box 89911
Occupation: Lead Software Engineer, Unisys Corporation
Family: Wife, Jennifer; daughter, Olivia (7)
Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Southwest Minnesota State University
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 20

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I have been involved in city government for 10 years and I am ready to take the next step. I want to help shape policy. I want to represent all citizens. I want to give back to the city that has given my family such a fabulous quality of life.


3700 E. 16th St.
Occupation: Substitute Teacher/Full-time student
Family: Single, oldest of four siblings, I assisted raising them with my Mom due to a terrible divorce
Education: Lincoln High School, B.S. in Journalism from South Dakota State University, minor in Political Science; currently working on my Master´s in Journalism
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 18

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? Sioux Falls schools need to be more flexible for its students. Students who don´t fit traditional molds too often fall between the cracks in our system. There are a lot of great kids in our school system that get ignored due to little, or no fault of their own. This includes illness, poverty, recent or recurring immigration, and other difficult circumstances.

4313 E. 36th St.
Occupation: Case Manager for Minnehaha County Human Services
Family: Wife, Kersten; two sons, Coulter (10) and Ryder (7)
Education: Bachelor´s of Science degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminal Justice and minor in Psychology from Northern State University
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 9

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I want to ensure all students have equity and access to a high-quality education. I have 16 years´ experience as a professional advocate and I want to be a new voice in communication for our families, schools and community. I want to ensure concerned parents, groups and citizens are being heard so we can embrace change together.

3704 S. Alpine Ave.
Family: Husband, Aaron; daughters Reagan (11 1/2), Camryn (9)
Education: Bachelor´s Degree in Business Management from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Bachelor´s Degree in Nursing from South Dakota State University
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: My whole life

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? The School District faces some important tasks ahead – finalizing a strategic plan that will guide our future work and priorities and effectively managing growth and diversity. With my experience and leadership skills, I can continue to help guide the district in a positive direction.

2605 W. Costello Rd.
Occupation: Co-owner of Employment Edge Staffing
Family: Wife, Luanne; Sons: Judd, Jess (deceased) and Kyle; daughter-in-law Ann Rosendale; grandson: Arthur
Education: Sioux Falls Washington High School, attended South Dakota State University
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: Lifelong Sioux Falls resident

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? My three terms on the School Board have been devoted to two primary goals that I will continue to support: Provide programs and services so that students who are most at risk of failing will be as successful as possible. Provide competitive wages for all of our employees while being responsible with the budget.

Sioux Falls
Occupation: Sales
Family: two children (in middle school and high school)
Years Residing in Sioux Falls: 33

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I am a fan of teachers and they need our help. They need more money to help in their classrooms.

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