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JUNE 4, 2018 - VOL. 54 No. 8

Chair's Column
New Members
Member Anniversaries
Cover Story
Other News
Faces & Places
Ribbon Cuttings
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October Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings

Ribbon cutting ceremonies provide new or expanding businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services. These events are organized free of charge for members and are held Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Chamber invites members of the Board of Directors, members of the Ambassador and Diplomat committees, and local elected officials to share in the event. The Chamber member requests the date and the Chamber staff assists by organizing the agenda and providing the ribbon and scissors.

Ribbon Cutting photos are printed in each issue of Chamber News. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cuttings for members to celebrate joining the Chamber, anniversaries, grand openings, expansions or remodelings.

Ribbon cutting photos are sized in high-resolution format on the web for 90 days following their publication date in the print issue of Chamber News. Members may download photos to make their own prints of any of the images included during that time period. One photo will be included in the Ribbon Cutting archives following that 90-day period.

For more information on how to schedule a ribbon cutting, contact Amy Farr at 605.336.1620. For more information on how to schedule a groundbreaking, contact Megan Jansick at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation at 605.339.0103.

Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings from the June 4, 2018 Issue of Chamber News

Washington Square Groundbreaking
Washington Square will be a new eight-story, mixed-use building with condominium housing, amenity space, retail space, office space and parking at the intersection of S. Main Avenue and W. 12th Street in Sioux Falls. L to R: Chris Houwman, Mike Cooper, Chad Houwman, Rob Everist, Joe Batcheller, Grant Houwman, Evan Nolte, Scott Houwman, Rick Everist and Slater Barr.

Show Details
Celtic Steps South Dakota Ribbon Cutting
Celtic Steps School of Irish Dance offers classes for 4 years old through adults, for beginners and experienced Irish Dancers. With six locations, their newest in Sioux Falls, the school has steadily grown into one of the premier Irish dance schools in the world. Stop by the studio for more information. L to R: Ellie Maddox, Lynda Billars, Jay Rasmussen, Julie Nelson, Shaun Casey (owner/director/lead teacher), Carol Vaca, Cindi Johnson and Hannah Vaca.

Cetera Services Ribbon Cutting
Cetera Services provides creative strategy across the fields of marketing, communication and client development to empower organizations to reach their potential. L to R: Frank Kurtenbach, Gita Hendricks, Tim Sturdevant, Angela Lammers (owner), Dirk Lammers, Tom Hackl, Chris Filsinger and Amy O’Connor Hoback.

Credit Union Association of the Dakotas Ribbon Cutting
The Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) is the professional financial trade association serving 79 credit unions in North Dakota and South Dakota, which hold in excess of $6.2 billion in assets and serve more than 469,000 credit union members. L to R: Katie Dressler, Corey Weide, Dean Karsky, Jeff Olson (President & CEO), Jay Kruse, David Johnson, Joey Rotert and Amy Kleinschmit.

Dakota Resources Ribbon Cutting
Dakota Resources is a statewide not-for-profit that is a catalyst and champion of rural communities seeking to realize their fullest potential. L to R: Joe Bartmann, Jack Dyvig, Tim Sturdevant, Lin Van Hofwegen, Beth Davis (president), Amy O’Connor Hoback, Mark Luke and Jay Headley.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Ribbon Cutting
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is one of the top 10 mortgage companies in America and the best place to work for the previous three years as ranked by mortgage loan originators. L to R: Becky Amdahl, Eric Anderson, Dean Karsky, Dave Kelly (branch manager), Troy Lage (branch manager), Amy O’Connor Hoback, Sandy Case and Rick Van Den Top.

Feeding South Dakota Ribbon Cutting
Feeding South Dakota is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate hunger in South Dakota. L to R: Max Sandlin, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Rob TeKolste, Matt Gassen (CEO), Dan Murphy, Daschle Larsen, Mayor Mike Huether, Larry Ayres and Chad Olson.

Five Star Call Centers Ribbon Cutting
Five Star Call Centers provides world-class customer service to partners from coast to coast. L to R: Miranda Tiede, Troy Holt, Corey Weide, Aaron Clayton, Paul Schiller, Bill Rezac, Craig Lawrence (co-founder), Mayor Mike Huether, Paul Bruflat, Joel Sylvester (chief sales and marketing officer), Lynda Billars, Ray Peterson and Dave Basart.

Games 2 Go Ribbon Cutting
Games 2 Go offers the industry’s most exciting mobile entertainment option including video games, laser tag and Nerf dart parties. L to R: Angie Wahl, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Bobbi Thury, Jacob Richards, Jeremy Richards (owner), Susie Richards, Elijah Richards and Tom Hackl.

Golf Addiction Ribbon Cutting
Golf Addiction offers year-round indoor virtual golf and a sports bar and grill. L to R: Traci Albers, Reggie Kuipers, Mark Luke, Mayor Mike Huether, John Miller (owner), Adam Scott (owner), Sara Wallinga, Joey Rotert, Nicole Raml and Paul Bruflat.

Great Plains Sponsorships, Inc. Ribbon Cutting
Great Plains Sponsorships, Inc. provides organizations throughout the Midwest with sustainable naming rights and sponsorship platforms via corporate partnerships. L to R: Harper Querry, Mike Querry, Lynda Billars, Lindy Hill, Ryan Querry (founder and president), Jennifer Querry, Corey Weide, Nash Querry, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Mayor Mike Huether and Dan Doyle.

Hope Prison Ministry Ribbon Cutting
Hope Prison Ministry provides hope to former inmates by providing basic necessities. L to R: Stefanie Engebretson, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Corey Weide, Paul Bruflat, Jack Dyvig, Mark Uhrich (director), Dan Doyle, Mayor Mike Huether and Kristin Hoefert.

Jenny Craig Ribbon Cutting
Jenny Craig, a clinically proven weight loss program, pairs individual support and perfectly portioned meals for a comprehensive long-term solution. L to R: Kiana Wurpts, Nixon Hilton, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Dean Karsky, Gayle Craik (owner/president), Stefanie Engebretson, Doug Craik, Jackie Stratman, Jenny Davis and Amanda Larsen.

JLG Architects Ribbon Cutting
JLG Architects is a full-service architecture firm that is 100 percent employee-owned. L to R: Tammy Beintema, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Larry Ayres, Whitney Martin, Dave Van Nieuwenhuyzen (architect and market leader), Steve Van Buskirk, Mayor Mike Huether, Lucas Fiegen and Craig Martin.

LegalShield Independent Associate-Nathan Meyerink Ribbon Cutting
LegalShield makes legal advice for your business, yourself or your family affordable for a low monthly fee. L to R: Alexis Meyerink, Paul Bruflat, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Aaron Clayton, Jessica Hauck, Nathan Meyerink (owner/independent associate), Gwyne Meyer, Don Meyerink, Michelle Heisel, Cathy Crisp and Kathleen Meyerink.

Luca’s Boutique (Go To Italy!, LLC) Ribbon Cutting
Luca’s Boutique offers authentic Italian bags, belts, coats and cashmere for women and men. L to R: Stacy Wrightsman, Reggie Kuipers, Julie Darrington, Sara Babic, Luca Papini (Owner/CEO), Amy O’Connor Hoback, Adam Cooper and Mindi Gross.

Marketplace Home Mortgage, LLC Ribbon Cutting
Marketplace Home Mortgage has been providing affordable home financing options for the last 20 years. L to R: Darin Naatjes, Lynda Billars, Bridget Story, John Showers (regional manager), Dean Karsky, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Suzie Folkerts, Deb Regan and Elissa Stauffacher.

Marson's Wacko Comedy Club Ribbon Cutting
Wacko’s is a comedy club and event center featuring weekly comedy and variety acts. L to R: Larry Ayres, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Darci Fluit, Kellen Marson (owner), Dustin Brouwer, Alex Ramirez and April Meyerink.

Pepper Entertainment, Inc. Ribbon Cutting
Pepper Entertainment, Inc. is a full-service entertainment and marketing firm. L to R: April Meyerink, Mayor Mike Huether, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Joe Millar, Jo Dohrer, Jered Johnson (co-owner, president/CEO), Bobbi Thury, Carrie Dragt and Luke Volden.

Showplace Wood Products Ribbon Cutting
Employee-owned Showplace builds customized cabinetry for the home, available in Sioux Falls through Showplace Kitchens. L to R: Tony Bour, Tom Hackl, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Tammy Beintema, Paul Sova (president/coo), Steve Van Buskirk, Bill Allen, Codi Nincehelser, Derick Wenck, Adrienne McKeown and Jeremy Seykora.

Spoke-N-Sport Ribbon Cutting
Spoke-N-Sport connects people with cycling through the sales and service of bikes. L to R: Stanley Pickard, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Cindi Johnson, Chad Pickard (president), Nathan Stallinga, Leanna Pickard, Erin Schoenbeck, Corey Weide and Pat Pickard.

Sprik Financial Group Ribbon Cutting
Sprik Financial Group is a financial planning office helping clients identify and reach their goals of retirement, estate planning and business succession. L to R: Nathan Stallinga, Amy O’Connor Hoback, Andrea Sprik, Darwyn Sprik (financial advisor), Mike Hauck, Jessica Hauck and Stacey Smidt.

Swanger for Senate Ribbon Cutting
Tyler Swanger is running for State Senate in District 14. L to R: Tom Borchard, Tom Hackl, Cindi Johnson, Scott Newman, David Johnson, Alex Newman, Tyler Swanger (candidate), Amy O’Connor Hoback and Cindy Newman.

Visiting Angels Ribbon Cutting
Visiting Angels is America's choice in home care. Their angels provide services that make living at home possible. L to R: Sheila Hoff, Jessica Remme, Gavin Remme, Travis Remme (franchise owner/director), Braxton Remme, Larry Ayres, Betty Oldenkamp, Nathan Stallinga and Lori Johnson.

Westside Christian School Ribbon Cutting
Westside Christian School offers a K-5 non-denominational Christian education fostering love for learning, love for Christ and love for community. L to R: Jennifer Koehn, Mayor Mike Huether, Kelly Grovijahn, Matt Petersen (board president), Gary Gaspar, Brenda Hill (administrator), Jay Soukup, Amy O’Connor Hoback and Kimberly Wold.

Windwalker Transportation & Warehousing Ribbon Cutting
Windwalker Transportation provides efficient and honest personalized service for your transportation needs. L to R: Teresa Davis, Aaron Clayton, Kristin Hoefert, Daren Anderson, Jeff Davis (co-owner), Jason Marquardt (co-owner), Mark Mickelson, Nathan Stallinga and Andi Marquardt.


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