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Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings

Ribbon cutting ceremonies provide new or expanding businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services. These events are organized free of charge for members and are held Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Chamber invites members of the Board of Directors, members of the Ambassador and Diplomat committees, and local elected officials to share in the event. The Chamber member requests the date and the Chamber staff assists by organizing the agenda and providing the ribbon and scissors.

Ribbon Cutting photos are printed in each issue of Chamber News. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cuttings for members to celebrate joining the Chamber, anniversaries, grand openings, expansions or remodelings.

Ribbon cutting photos are sized in high-resolution format on the web for 90 days following their publication date in the print issue of Chamber News. Members may download photos to make their own prints of any of the images included during that time period. One photo will be included in the Ribbon Cutting archives following that 90-day period.

For more information on how to schedule a ribbon cutting, contact Amy Farr at 605.336.1620. For more information on how to schedule a groundbreaking, contact Diane Andresen at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation at 605.339.0103.

Ribbon Cutings & Groundbreakings from the September 5, 2017 Issue of Chamber News

Gage Brothers Groundbreaking
Gage Brothers Concrete Products, Inc. broke ground July 27 for a new $40 million production plant incorporating state-of-the-art technology rarely used in the manufacturing of precast concrete in the United States. L to R: Dave Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Steve Statz, Dr. Dave Kapaska, Jay Mitchell, Mayor Mike Huether, Tom Kelley, Scott Stern and Governor Dennis Daugaard.

AMA Coins Ribbon Cutting
AMA Coins buys, sells and appraises coins, gold and silver. L to R: Stephen Wolf, Samara Wolf, Nathan Stallinga, Anaya Wolf, Marshall Selberg, Lila Anderson, Tim Sturdevant, April Meyerink, Darwish Makram (owner), Daschle Larsen, Amira Makram, Ameina Makram and Silas Wolf.

Courtyard by Marriott & SpringHill Suites by Marriott Ribbon Cutting
Courtyard by Marriott & SpringHill Suites by Marriott have undergone complete renovations including the lobbies, rooms and public spaces. L to R: Sarah Maag, Lindy Hill, Eric Anderson, Lisa VanWell, Nathan Stallinga, Diane Hanisch (general manager), John Henkhaus, Angie West, Daschle Larsen and Chelsea Berberovic.

Escape 605 Ribbon Cutting
Escape 605, South Dakota’s largest live action puzzle adventure business, has an additional location at the Empire Mall. L to R: Nathan Stallinga, Cindi Johnson, Stacy Hoffman (co-owner), Amy Stockberger (co-owner), Eric Anderson, Lynda Billars and Brian Rehnke.

GNC Ribbon Cutting
GNC’s third location continues their goal and mission to help promote health and wellness. L to R: Daschle Larsen, Nathan Stallinga, Laurie Knutson, Casey Nickell (owner), Stefanie Engebretson, April Meyerink and Suzie Folkerts.

Gypsy Trading Company, LLC Ribbon Cutting
Gypsy Trading Company specializes in repurposed and upcycled home décor. They can find, build or customize anything for your home at an affordable price. L to R: Stacy Wrightsman, Sharon Haselhoff, Billy Cutrer, Nathan Stallinga, Ellison Cutrer (owner/manager), Joey Rotert, Dre Zabel and Kim Cerwick.

Hang Nails Ribbon Cutting
Hang Nails Salon is a new nail salon in Tea. L to R: Nathan Stallinga, Laurie Knutson, Cindy Phithilath, Lynda Billars, Hang Nguyen (owner), Cindi Johnson, Carrie Dragt and Ava Senaphan.

Healthy Systems USA Ribbon Cutting
Healthy Systems USA, a Sioux Falls business since 2011, has a new, convenient location. L to R: Amy Lange, Darci Hustrulid, Bobbi Thury, Nathan Stallinga, Shannon Ward (area manager), Tony Ward and Lynda Billars.

HOM Furniture / Gabberts Fine Furnishings by Design Ribbon Cutting
HOM Furniture/Gabberts Fine Furnishings by Design offers complete home furnishings and décor, design services, rugs, mattresses, lighting, art, as well as accessories for the office and patio. L to R: Carly Baker, David Johnson, Jay Soukup, Mandy Bennett (showroom manager), Tim Sturdevant, Craig Lindes, Nathan Stallinga and Laura Johnson.

Interstates Control Systems Ribbon Cutting
Interstates recently expanded their Sioux Falls office, which will double the size of the original location. L to R: Marty Van Der Sloot, Michelle Markgraf, Kristin Hoefert, Mayor Mike Huether, Jack Woelber (president), Nathan Stallinga, Catherine Bloom, Gary Gaspar and Jered Schock.

LuLaRoe - Ali Hakenson Ribbon Cutting
LuLaRoe provides comfortable, quality clothing for women, men and children. They provide the service to bring the boutique to you. L to R: Hayden Hakenson, Hadley Hakenson, Jack Dyvig, Harris Hakenson, Kristin Hoefert, Lynda Billars, Ali Hakenson (owner/operator), Zach Hakenson and Mark Luke.

McDonalds Restaurants Ribbon Cutting
After 41 years and serving over 20 million customers, McDonalds rebuilt to provide a fresh, modernized experience for the next 20 million guests. L to R: Mike Hauck, Mayor Mike Huether, Donna Lessnau, Chris Filsinger, Rick Lessnau (owner/president), Brian Spader, Sharon Haselhoff, Nathan Stallinga and Teresa Swiden.

New You Infrared Spa Ribbon Cutting
New You Infrared Spa uses infrared light to heat your body directly, instead of the air around you. They also offer detox foot soaks, therapeutic massage, a natural beauty line and essential oil classes. L to R: Melu Ragsdale, Nathan Stallinga, Amber Schwiesow, Sonya Wilson (owner), Tim Sturdevant, Destiny Marshall, Kelly Grovijahn, Kristin Hoefert and Stacey Harris.

Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza Ribbon Cutting
Papa Woody’s is a mobile food vendor and catering company offering wood fired pizzas. L to R: Nathan Stallinga, Cindi Johnson, Steve Blumke, Lisa Esser (president), Lynda Billars, Alex Ramirez, Chris Filsinger and Arien Esser.

PMI Sioux Empire, South Dakota Chapter Ribbon Cutting
PMI Sioux Empire is a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the profession of project management. L to R: Jason Briedenbach, Carrie Van Heel, Kristi Wittry, Jay Rasmussen, Jeff Miller (board president), Andrea Miller, Nathan Stallinga, Steve Haan, Tim Sturdevant, Stefanie Engebretson and Sarah Malchow.

QuickHealth Urgent Care Ribbon Cutting
QuickHealth Urgent Care opened Sioux Falls’ first independent urgent care clinic in January 2017. L to R: Annie Kruse, Cassie Beech, Larry Ayres, Brad Nelson, Patrick Heitkamp (ceo/clinic director), Dawn Andel, Steve Van Buskirk, Nathan Stallinga, Marty DesLauriers and Roxanne Roberts.

Remedy Brewing Company Ribbon Cutting
Remedy Brewing is proud to offer quality craft beers and locally made food and wine. L to R: Jason Davenport, Jered Schock, April Meyerink, James Payer II, Bryce Havlik, David Billion Jr., Nathan Stallinga, Matthew Hastad (ceo), Paul Weidenbach, Drew Munteferring, Garrett Gross, Mike Hauck, and Tyler Jepperson.

Rustic Prairie Ribbon Cutting
Rustic Prairie makes and sells hand-crafted metal art for your yard, garden and home. L to R: Linda Rabuck, Jay Soukup, Katie Roth (co-owner), Eric Anderson, Greg Roth (co-owner), Kelly Grovijahn, Laurie Knutson and Terra Koupal.

Schlotzsky's Ribbon Cutting
Schlotzsky’s offers freshly baked bread, delicious hot sandwiches, Artisan flatbreads, specialty pizzas, toasted wraps, freshly tossed salads, gourmet soups and Cinnabon treats. L to R: Courtney Renner, Tom Ries, Ryenn Kucera (general manager), Kenneth Hatcher, Tim Sturdevant, Michael Huber and Nathan Stallinga.

Sioux Empire Fair Association Ribbon Cutting
The Expo Building bathrooms have been remodeled. A new comfort station north of the grandstand has been added which includes bathroom facilities, showers and changing stations. L to R: Jeff Barth, Alex Ramirez, Michelle Markgraf, Scott Wick (president & ceo), Lynda Billars, Nathan Stallinga and Dean Karsky.

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union Ribbon Cutting
Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union opened a new full service branch on Louise Avenue. L to R: Anne Lanoue, Dick Boe, Cory Weeden, Bonne Spisak, Mike Hauck, Fran Sommerfeld (president/ceo), Jay Rasmussen, Roger Van Orrt, Stacy Wrightsman, Wayne Stoffers, Nathan Stallinga and Jerry Ball.

Touchmark at All Saints Ribbon Cutting
Touchmark at All Saints is opening their Phillips Way expansion which includes their two Maple and Elm Memorial Care Neighborhoods, health and fitness club and 60 independent homes. L to R: Tom Moe, Jack Dyvig, Lynda Billars, Bobbi Thury, Nathan Stallinga, Mayor Mike Huether, Charlette Carver, Robert DiBonto, Werner Nistler, Jr. (founder and chair), Paige Person Meyer and Amanda Snoozy.

Truly Nolen Pest Control Ribbon Cutting
Truly Nolen is a pest control company working with businesses and homes to control the invasion of insects and rodents. L to R: Nathan Trzaskoma, Ryan Haffner, Bernie DeWald, Daren Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Bill McDole (corp. rep.) Ryan Anderson (owner), Lynda Billars, April Meyerink and Deb Behrend.

Gage Brothers Groundbreaking
Gage Brothers Concrete Products, Inc. broke ground July 27 for a new $40 million production plant incorporating state-of-the-art technology rarely used in the manufacturing of precast concrete in the United States. L to R: Dave Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Steve Statz, Dr. Dave Kapaska, Jay Mitchell, Mayor Mike Huether, Tom Kelley, Scott Stern and Governor Dennis Daugaard.


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